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2017 Hyundai i30 N

This would have been an introductory price of special attention: 30.900 € for a compact limousine with 4.34 m a long compact car, equipped with a very powerful engine and everything the sporting heart desires. The action was to continue until September, but the 100 vehicles have already found their ways since a long time.

Anyway, at Hyundai the prices are falling, because at the moment the introductory i30 is less than half of the i30N price, hopefully with enough stock until September. The opponent of the i30 N is probably located in Wolfsburg and is, depending on the view, Golf GTI or R, the first by the price, the latter not quite complete because of the performance.

No all-wheel drive has the new and first Hyundai for the road and the racetrack not. Thierry Neuville, after three victories so far in the WRC quite promisingly, praises the suspension and the good old hand brake (2nd video). Perhaps this has been abolished too early, at least as far as the snow conditions in winter Sweden are concerned.

Reinforced Braking System
4 Suspension Modi
Overboost by Charging Pressure
Intermediate Gas Function
Exhaust system double-flow, flaps
Electr. Controlled Differential
Full LED Main Beam
8-inch radio and navigation
Tacho-/Speedmeter Display
City Emergency Braking
Active Track Assist
Traffic Sign Recognition
Rear View Camera, Parking Aid

Here are only the main extras and petitesses like start-stop and tinting left out. 07/17

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