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2022 Hyundai Staria

Please do not switch off because the car seems strange to you, because that is exactly what is about to change. Admittedly, it has a futuristic design and is therefore unusual, but perhaps the time has come, instead of just replacing the grille, to offer something more to the eye with bus-like vans as well.

We'll see how that affects the coming versions as cars for craftsmen. No, although the rear in particular is reminiscent of the pixel design of the Ioniq 5 and no exhaust pipe can be seen, it is not an electric car, but has a diesel drive. More modern is promised, either purely electric or with a fuel cell.

There is also only one variant, namely the most expensive (see above), but the already mentioned Ionic 5, fully equipped, also does not cost less in the catalog despite subsidies. Perhaps the new Multivan from VW might be comparable, but it is significantly more expensive with the top equipment and the price can then even still be increased by €15,000.

No, that's not the case with the Staria, four-wheel drive, panoramic roof and maybe the obligatory color, then it's pretty much over. In addition, even the long version from VW is 5 cm shorter. However, it is also more manageable, because with the height of the Staria, you are not even allowed to open the tailgate under a conventional garage door.

On the other hand, in other cases, tall people stand quite well and are reasonably rain-proof underneath. To save the Multivan's honour, one must commend its incredible accessories. Its practicality also has to be mentioned, because the third seat bench in the Staria can be folded up, but not removed, for example.

At VW, you can only smile about the luggage compartment volume specified by Hyundai. So, the Staria has something of a hotel/airport shuttle, but one of the comfortable kind, with reclining seats almost like in the S-Class and excellent workmanship despite a lot of hard plastic. You can even watch the people sitting in the back with a camera.

From the outside, too, it stands out. What you don't really notice are the windows that extend far down and can be opened in many different ways. Perhaps this is due to the strong darkening, which, however, is not perceived from the inside as dimmed so much. In addition, there is a somewhat unusually high seating position, even for such vans.

When the quiet engine and the not very stressing, but very safe chassis are added to this overview of the traffic situation, which can hardly be improved, the driving experience is almost perfect, only the consumption clouds the beautiful picture with 10 to 11 l/100km. Proof: the tank size. It's indeed a big and heavy car. Let's see what Hyundai achieves here with weaker or different drives.

In any case, the Staria represents an enrichment of the van sector. In this case, however, you have to get used to ordering the right car in advance and then finding appropriate buyers for it afterwards, because both the equipment and the design have a slightly binding effect.

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