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Hyundai Models 2013 -

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i30 Coupe (GD)Three-door version of the compact model 1.4 (73 kW/99 HP), 1.6 (99 kW/135 HP) 1.4 CRDi (66 kW/90 HP), 1.6 CRDi (94 kW/128 HP) Equipment lines Classic and Design

ix35 (EL)Facelift 1.6 (99 kW/135 HP), 2.0 (122 kW/166 HP) 1.7 CRDi (85 kW/116 HP) 2.0 CRDi (100 kW/136 HP) and (135 kW/184 HP) Equipment lines Classic, Trend and Style New: Flex Steer

i10 (IA)Second generation of mini-car 1.0 (48,5 kW/67 HP) 1.1 (64 kW/ 87 HP) New: TPMS, heated steering wheel, Hill Start Assist, LED daytime running lights, colourful interior
Grand Santa Fe (NC)21.5 cm lengthened version of the Santa Fe with 10 cm more wheelbase 2.2 CRDi (145 kW/197 HP) available as 6- and 7-seater

i10 (IA)For the first time as LPG variant ex factory 1.0 LPG (49,3 kW/67 HP)

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