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Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The hard facts always seem to put pure electric cars a little into a bad light. Therefore here at first a ride over country roads with magnificent sunshine. The calmness during driving is always beguiling. For this purpose, the paddles, which adjust the degree of recuperation. A very good idea.

Anyone who knows how to deal with this, has almost no need of brake pedal actuation. Less footwork is nearly impossible. Additionally, at least a diesel-like torque without a turbo lag. Lane, distance and emergency brake assistance open a little the door to autonomous driving, what more could you ask for?

The discussion about the range can be saved, if we start with this compact, not too fast driving and neither special heat nor cold of about 12 kWh consumption per 100 km. Then we pull off the 28 kWh battery capacity still 10 percent unsable and have an acceptable result.

Yes the prices, almost 10,000 euros more than the hybrid version, but it can do almost nothing with regard to electricity. 2017 comes a certainly more expensive PlugIn Ionic. Interesting: the hybrid has audio, the electric navigation as standard extra. A currently available VW Golf is less attractive also in the price of the extra equipment. With the market leader Nissan Leaf it stages a tough competition . . . 01/17

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