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2022 Hyundai Ioniq 6

Of course, RWD will also be possible. One then promises less than 14 kWh/100km (WLTP).

Only the design of the dashboard can be described as coherent. But only if you omit the bulky rear view cameras and their screens inside. But only if you omit the bulky rear view cameras and their screens just like these inside. The rear is particularly inconsistent, but that's all good.

One of the few limousines among the electric cars.

It was about time that such a model appeared for electric cars as well. The uniform mishmash began to sidle and to spread too much through the models of the electrical manufacturers. Battery in the basement means high and thus SUV, even if a purely electrically driven SUV makes no sense.

No, the car doesn't really want to please, but at least not polarize at the front. But here, too, a design that is perhaps becoming typical of electric cars is recognizable for the first time. You don't really miss the grille here.

And the embellish working blinds in front of the radiator, which an electric car needs after all, have become two strong flaps, reminiscent of those of a landing airplane. At the back it's good for aerodynamics, but bad for the eye.

Actually, a design is already checked with the clay model to see whether it looks good from all angles. Here one seems to have simply forgotten the view from the front sidewise to the rear. As if the rear wanted to crawl into the body to hide.

Or because of the aerodynamics to be achieved, no way has been found to make the rear look a little more coherent and balanced to the front. The pure side view is not nearly as blatant and the rear then wants to make up for everything.

There the Ioniq 6 suffers from his brother Ioniq 5, must carry to a unit that is put together in any way also its pixel design. Even at the front you can find one after a long search, but it seems somehow composed, just like the vertical bars at the bottom at the back.

No, this bold design doesn't need such gimmicks, it would be a little more restful exactly from behind, also because of its two rear spoilers. A test would determine whether those intended for the rear seats would fit in there for a few years.

You also have to get along with the luggage compartment a la Model 3, but then there is almost nothing standing in the way of a happy connection. And thanks to the common platform, you take a few more goodies with you, such as the 800V charging technology and the option of tapping 230V.

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