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2023 Honda Jazz

Not long ago we discussed it in detail here. So just a few side notes on its design and engine room changes.

The real highlight in Brussels was probably the Civic Type R.

Yes, it already had the protruding lower lip, that means the bumper. The Advanced Sport version is new with a new radiator grille and a much more distinctive bumper, more black on the exterior mirrors and new 16'' LM rims and also new bumpers at the rear.

Others are reducing the number of their combustion engine variants, while Honda is expanding them. One has the feeling that the Japanese are looking for new solutions vertically instead of horizontally. There doesn't seem to be much money for the development of purely electric cars.

It's only different with Nissan, but the group is no longer only in Japanese hands thanks to Renault. Mazda has just halved the battery in the MX 30 and a combustion engine installed. At least Honda sticks to its principle of the serial hybrid.

According to the old procedure, more power was teased out of the electric motor and combustion engine at the expense of the speed, but the torque that was so important was left untouched. The spring rates have been reduced in different ways, the dampers have been slightly tightened.

As usual, the Honda is tastefully designed, especially on the seats, and has a safe body with five stars in the NCAP test. In any case, you will look in vain for hard plastic in a directly visible comparison.

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