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2017 Honda Civic

In view of the brexit, it is perhaps interesting that the tenth generation of the Honda Civic for Europe is also being built in Swindon (GB). You can not really compare it with the of 40 years ago, too big the differences in size and design. The latter, though at last somewhat sprawling and now slightly tamed, seems to arrive in the world.

Honda is talking about 18 million units sold so far. The new generation could well take over the leadership of the segment approvals, although it is unclear which segment it actually belongs to. For it is e.g. in wheelbase already grown by 10 centimeters.

The interior is rather new and pleasant, but not just a small entry price of 20,000 euros including security package (see below). Almost everything appears in the right place, well-ordered for the eyes and the touch prepared. Also the somewhat unusual arrangement of the tank under the driver's seat is corrected, unfortunately cancelled the special folding mechanism for the residences (magic seats).

Of course, a Honda is purchased mainly for a particular driving style. And there the chassis, the gear and especially the variable steering get much praise. So much that, e.g. the smaller of the two engines is not always susceptible to exploite it to the last. It is astonishing that at the same time the driving comfort is still OK.

No, you are doing him a lot of wrong, can be guided by the 'only' three cylinders and one liter of displacement too much. He will probably be the lion's share of the approvals. Not only because of its economy, but because the four-cylinder is about 8,000 euros more expensive. However, Honda, opposite to other manufacturers refused to exhaust the CVT transmission, has even succeeded once again in adapting economy. 02/17

Standard . . .
Collision warner
Brake assistent
Lane keeping assistent
Possible steering control
Adaptive cruise control
Traffic sign recognition