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2024 Genesis G90

What kind of car is that actually? Are you still so young or used to luxury SUVs that you no longer recognize a classic sedan? No, it is not flatter than the luxury class consisting of the 7 Series, A8 and S- Class.

It just looks flatter. A completely normal luxury sedan, but before electrification and with a logo not unlike that of a Bentley. This also applies to the possible area for lying down in the back. You get really tired just watching it.

And it can even be extended, as 19 cm more is possible in both the wheelbase and the length. But maybe not for the luggage space, which is quite modest in the standard version. Passengers and the driver/chauffeur will have to make do with that.

That would not have happened to the German luxury class. The enormous roof load in relation to the comparatively low payload is also strange. Much of the car is electric, e.g. all the door openings, at least to a certain extent, and also the two seats in the back if you have ordered them for an additional charge deviating to the five-seater.

The interior height, as well as the luggage space and payload, also doesn't seem to be designed for Europeans. So, compared to the German competition, you could say that the use of space is less favourable. In comparison, a rotary push button with a touchscreen at the back for controlling the two monitors is a real luxury.

The option of a seat massage in the back, which can be selected according to body region, is only a logical consequence. Sun blinds for the rear window round off the whole thing. You are on an equal footing with those sitting in the front thanks to a sunroof with the option of darkening.

The front doors can be opened and closed completely electrically. The windshield is obviously flatter than that of the German competition. The workmanship is adequate. There is also a rotary push button at the front on the attractive surface of the center console and, of course, many buttons.

The purchase price must be seen in relation to what is offered. There are some things that you pay extra for with the competition. There is practically nothing missing when you also consider the standard rear axle steering, just a little bit of the future, e.g. in terms of 2 value and the consumption that goes beyond that.

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