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2022 Geely Geometry EX3

The people responsible for headlines are beside themselves. There is talk of a sales price of 7,900 euros in China. At 59,600 yuan and the current exchange rate of 0.13 yuan per euro, one comes even to more than 100 euros less. Is that now a benchmark for Europe?

The Dacia Spring is once again significantly smaller, also in terms of battery and engine power. The costs as a Renault k-ze 61,800 yuan in China. That would be around 8,000 euros. However, it is sold here from 20,490 euros. By the way, it can be bought in France from around 17,000 euros and that at 20 percent VAT instead of 19 percent!

In Germany, Dacia is thus adding the manufacturer's share to pay. And the difference between China and Germany is then really quite big. Because if we take the French price as a basis, a car that is transported from China to Europe is at least twice as expensive.

And if the Geometry EX3 offers a lot more than the Spring, something will certainly be added to it. One reason for the low prices is likely to be the tough competition, especially among small electric cars. Overall, a third more electric cars were registered in China in 2020 than in Europe, six times as many as in Germany, and that with an imminent doubling there in 2021.

But the market is simply not comparable because of the strong presence of very small cars. In the last month of the quarter, the Tesla Model 3 was indeed ahead, but the rest of the year the SAIC-GM-Wuling (video above), which would be absolutely not for sale in Europe due to its simplicity. But it is also available for half the EX3 price. China does not have to fear such competition in Europe.

However, there could be a struggle price opposite to the Dacia Spring. We can be curious. In any case, so cheap that we still get money with the car thanks to the bonus, that should be more of a tabloid headline. It also remains to be seen whether all the goodies that are not legally required will remain here for sale.

And what is this prototype doing here? Well, it was to see on the Mercedes stand at the IAA 2021 and is supposed to give an idea of the new Smart, of course not as gorgeous as this one, otherwise it will be too expensive. And Mercedes has been saying for some time that this will be built by Geely. So what could be more natural than to assume that Geely subsidiary Geometry has the technology for the new Smart?

Here are even more small cars . . .

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