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Ford Model A

Tool box
Metal-spokes-spare tire
Electrical starter
Mechanical wiper
Mechanical fuel gauge
Safety ignition lock
Safety glas front screen
Outside back mirror

It is impressive in a Ford.

The T-model has remained too long in the program. It sold brilliantly over a long period, but Henry Ford had held for too long this success without significant changes in technology or the design. So ends the production of the for a long-term single model of Ford with the 15 millionth exemplar on 26 May 1927. The factory is closed and only at Ford in Detroit are about 60,000 unemployed, not to talk about suppliers and not at all other companies.

The 10,000 dealers migrate to either the competitors or only sell spare parts and used cars. Chevrolet will pass Ford 1927 and 1928 in the sales. Only 1929 Ford is again first, but in 1930 General Motors do not loose the leadership in U.S. for a incredibly long time. There is already for longer a independent, very basically working development department, while at Ford potters only since 1925 a small engineering and testing crew very much under Henry Ford's leadership.

The new Ford, once again called Model A, will be only slightly more expensive and above all supply elegance, quality and more speed. Actually it seems straight-lined, conventional, but also trustworthy. The four- cylinder will keep you, despite the competition offer, but at much higher prices, six-cylinder inline engines. The flight engine specialist Harold Hicks brings the engine more power - via even then classical changes in intake air flow, mixture preparation and ignition.

On 27 October 1927 the first A-model will be ready, on 2 December presented for the first time to the public. One can the public interest probably only describe as hysteria. The enthusiasm beats all records. Until Christmas a two-digit percentage of the total U.S. population is interested in this car, although not even any Ford dealer can show one. A half million purchase contracts is signed and prepaid.

Nothing is as it was. Despite the target price no concessions should be made to quality. The car has compared to the T-Model twice the performance and it is said that it could be driven on the now numerous existing highways with maximum and thus sustained speed. In reality dictates the lack of durability of the crankshaft bearing a somewhat slower pace. As well the new engine will be plagued by lubrication and oil consumption problems. But there are also highlights. The safety glass in the windshield is not at all usual.

Maintained in principle is the simple suspension of the T-model, where the rigid axles with transverse leaf springs will be controlled at the triangle pushed in front and pulled rear. The front wheels are now braked but still conservative with a linkage. Blessed is the car for its almost unbeatable relation of equipment to the price.

Production of the new brings a lot more difficulties than expected. Privileged get still quite early the car. The ordinary buyer has to wait sometimes up to one year. Everything is different about this car. Even the body is delivered for certain models. With 6.000 items it is almost a miracle that after all 1929 are reached the old production values. It is also important because then will the depression hits America, if you just think of the famous Black Friday ... 07/08

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