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2019 Ford Ecosport

It could hardly be more effective: a petrol engine in three and a diesel engine in two power levels. The medium petrol engine is available with automatic transmission, the more powerful Diesel with four-wheel drive (surcharge: 2,000 €). Either they put the data wrong, or it really is the case that the Diesel has 160 mm ground clearance instead of 190 mm for the car with petrol engine. All-wheel drive with less ground clearance, does that make sense?

You should only buy the automatic transmission in an emergency case, because it increases the CO2 value by approx. 20 g/km and the weight by more than 40 kg (surcharge: 1.500 €). In view of the tractive power the Ecosport is also only to be used for unbraked trailers, which you are not even allowed to be loaded with the permitted payload. None of this really sounds like SUV characteristics.

The prices for the Ecosport are already going crazy at the beginning of 2020. According to the price list, there is only the smallest petrol engine in the cheapest equipment (Trend), the smallest diesel in the second cheapest (Cool & Connect), the other two only in the second highest, namely Titanium. But at the same time, the cheapest one is offered for another 3,400 € less. It is therefore currently over 8,000 € cheaper than the Puma.

The Fiesta, from which Ecosport hardly differs, for example, in drives and dashboard, is another 3,500 € cheaper. A lot of brooding for potential buyers, but also the opportunity to make a bargain. Whoever wants to get into electric motion in any form this year will not be interested in the Ecosport anyway.

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