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1969 Ford Capri I

Obviously is for this car with the name of an island off Naples the Ford Mustang godfather. There are more seemingly contradictory combinations, for example the ability to move as a family a much trimmed sports car. By the way this can still be economically because the Ford Capri has been to buy around with 1300 cc.

The Ford Mustang of the little man ...

This brings us to a second outstanding property. Probably never before has there been such a variation. Buyers have the choice of 37 to 92 kW. Although the V-and four-cylinder are not simultaneously available, but are left still many opportunities. All technical components are clearly from the Ford racks and are also available for other models. This leads to the curious combination of the very short V4 engine with the overlong front of the Capri. How to see at the many space shown in the single dashboard (figure 3), there is also a power option. A picture you find here. It's probably the first time, that the purchase price of a new vehicle can be more than double by so-called extras. It did not detrimental its success and now make it almost all like this.

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