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1936 Fiat Topolino

It is considered one of the milestones in automotive history. In 1936 the Topolino (the little mouse) is brought to the world and one actually is surprised that this car for only two people with little luggage could find such demand. It is more famous than its successor, Fiat Nuovo 500.

The design is probably so fundamental for that time that it from many other car companies either is copied (eg by Panhard) or taken over in license (e.g. by Simca). The car do not attract attention by special technical innovations. It starts his career neither with a self-supporting body nor top-controlled engine. Its rolling roof has to be opened fully to make place for a third person. The Topolino has only one tail light.

The essence of it is probably the new role it takes, to be a car for many and not just for some privileged.

Let there be no misunderstanding, its technique is definitely up to date. All windows are made of safety glass. The four drum brakes can be controlled hydraulically. Also the shock absorbers operate hydraulically. The roof is made of steel and the car has even a 12V system.

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