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1908 Fiat Mephistopheles

The short form is Mephisto, known from Goethe's Faust, the evil, the spirit that denies everything, that ultimately leads Doctor Heinrich Faust to his doom. So not a flattering term for a vehicle.

If you watch the first video below you will know how the car got its name, noise, stench and heat, that's how hell is imagined. However, the commentator certifies that the car's steering and pedals are easy to move, even the clutch.

It wasn't always like this. You can see which engines Fiat 1908 installed in the chassis of racing cars in the second video below. The data above are based on the Fiat aircraft engine installed in 1923. It is supposed that there were even two car bodies.

A combination of the 1908 Fiat SB4 with a 1923 Fiat A 12 aircraft engine.

The new owner was the Briton E.A.D. Eldridge, who acquired the car relatively cheaply and went on record runs with the vehicle. It was later bought back by Fiat, repainted from black to Italian racing red and is now available for public presentations and for the Turin Museum.

The restoration is said to have lasted 5 years. Nevertheless, it needs an oil collector, almost even more than other classic cars.

1923Brocklands (GB)Quarter mileStationary startApprox. 73 m/h
1924Brocklands (GB)1 KilometerStationary startApprox. 85 m/h
1924Arpajon (F)1 KilometerRunning startApprox. 148 m/h
1924Arpajon (F)1 MileRunning startApprox. 145 m/h
1924Arpajon (F)5 KilometersRunning startApprox. 128 m/h
1925Monterey (US)5 MilesRunning startApprox. 128 m/h
1925Monterey (US)5 KilometersRunning startApprox. 129 m/h
1925Monterey (US)10 KilometersRunning startApprox. 128 m/h

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