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1977 Fiat 900 T

It's the end of the rear-engine era. Then comes the 1100 T with standard drive and cargo space that is easier to access from the rear. After all, the 900 E with the high roof has impressive m3. The spare wheel does not necessarily have to be at the front right, but can be placed under the loading floor.

With its payload, the 900 E is clearly below the one-tonners, which, however, has a positive effect on the production and operating costs and its maneuverability with a turning circle of only 10.7 m due to the increasing traffic. After all, it can transport seven people in addition to the driver. The seats have also become more comfortable.

The manufacturer knows how to keep the vehicle up-to-date with just a few resources such as side protection strips, larger bumpers and larger rear-view mirrors. The dashboard has also increased slightly. After all, something like two round instruments are indicated behind the steering wheel. There is also a slot for the radio and trays.

At the rear, the tailgate remains above the drive, even with a gas pressure spring, while either a folding door or a sliding door is possible at the side for an additional charge. As a station wagon, a second door is even possible for the middle and rear row of seats. However, only the seats for the driver and front passenger have headrests.

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