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1927 Fiat 520

They say they worked on this car for three years before production started. It is said to have been tested under almost all climatic conditions that occur.

The type designation '520' ascribes a special responsibility to it, as it had already existed once before in 1921-23. Did you know that Fiat was offering a V12 with 6,805 cc3 in those days? It delivered at least 66 kW (90 hp).

It may be hard to believe, but the English Wikipedia page says that it was the very first V12 in a vehicle. It was significantly longer than the 520 pictured above, had a wheelbase of 3,860 mm and a weight of 1,850 kg.

From 1927 onwards, the Fiat 520 started with a difficult legacy. Despite the widespread use of SV technology at the time, attempts were made to create something like hemispherical combustion chambers. The crankshaft had seven bearings and was equipped with two-layer bearings.

A torsional vibration damper wasn't exactly common either. It was promised to run almost as smoothly as the twelve-cylinder model. Nevertheless, compromises had to be made because of the poor economic situation.

The Type 521, which was partly produced at the same time, was better received with a longer body and 2,520 cm3 and 37 kW (50 hp). For the 520 T(axi) the displacement is reduced from 2,244 to 1,866 liters, performance 26 kW (35 hp) at 3300 rpm.

It is particularly important to mention that the Fiat 520 is the first with left-hand drive for countries with right-hand traffic.

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