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2020 Fiat 500e

Electromobility as the 'rebirth of the combustion engine' is something that needs to be thought up first off. Obviously there is more movement among the advertising experts working for FCA than in the engineering sector in general. Because things rested for a long time. This is not necessarily due to the engineers themselves, obviously there was no budget for electric mobility. Now they have to catch up with such pithy sentences.

'In its efforts to make individual mobility more sustainable, Fiat has joined forces with strong partners who are equally positive about the future and want to play an active part in making it happen, to improve the state of the earth and share the same values and goals.' One such partner is Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio. When you read the beginning of this quote, you expect involuntarily a particularly specialized supplier and not a Hollywood actor.

According to WLTP, 42 kWh are supposed to provide 320 km range, although it is not clear whether this capacity has to be calculated gross or net. Even benevolently thought this would be about 13 kW/100km. Maybe this value can be explained by the selectable 'Sherpa' mode, which switches off the heating and air conditioning and allows only 80 km/h. And of course this relatively small battery with direct current in a good half hour to 80 percent charged, if the promised 85 kW charging capacity is permanently achieved.

The first limited edition is expected to cost 37,900 euros. But if you want to save the earth, you should offer a cheaper version as soon as possible and not the so-called convertible. And why do you need a wallbox at a 230-volt socket? After all, with 16 A fuse protection, 3.6 kW/h would be possible and thus the battery would be filled to 80 percent in only 9 hours.

Its competitor is probably the other city runabout in retro design, the Mini. By the way, it has even less capacity with 28.9 kWh net. This could be effective for competition at a similar price (from 32.500 €). Perhaps after 13 years, a successful rebirth of the Fiat 500 is still possible. In any case, we can congratulate the advertising department on this presentation of the new Fiat 500e already.

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