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2017 Fiat 500 S

No, it is not a new model. But we are celebrating, on the one hand, the two millionth 500 model and the other 60 years Fiat 500. This is, of course, not the Topolino of 1936 and not the Cinquecento of 1992, but the Nuovo of 1957.

Of course, the new 500 looks like him. Comparing it with the Mini and the VW Beetle, one can not fail to call it the most successful retro design. Typically Italian, in this division probably still peak. Enjoy the videos below.

We have selected the 500 S for the celebration of the year, not an independent model, but an equipment variant. It wants to know it, not so much because of the 7 instead of the 5 inch screen diagonal. It is nothing for frightend minds, the yellow (or white) edges on the seats, and where the arm is sometimes parked in the door.

Colors, well suited to tempt the people to an extra charge. Unfortunately, apart from a basic color, all the extra costs, the single-colors 350 or 450 euros, the three-layer, two-color and matt lacquer (pictures at the top) each a hefty 1,000 euros more, the latter military Nato-oliv not dissimilar

Extras do not have to be ordered and the remaining disadvantages, such as a steering wheel that can not be adjusted in length and a switch for window lifters in the middle, can be overcome if one thinks of the charm that the car spreads, even with its somewhat rough running two cylinder. 07/17