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Fiat 500

Fiat 500 1,2/1,4 16 V/1,3 D
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1368/1248/ cm³
Bore * stroke70,8*78,86/72*84/69,6*82 mm
Engine controlOHC/DOHC/DOHC
Valves8/16/16 per cylinder
Waste gas detoxificationCat./cat./particulate filter
Torque102/131/145 at 3000/4250/1500 Nm
Max. power51/74/55 kW (69/100/75 HP)
Rated speed5500/6000/4000 rpm
Position drivetrainFront engine (transverse) with front drive
TransmissionFive-/six speed, semi-automat (later on)
Length3545 mm
Width1627 mm
Height1488 mm
Wheelbase2500 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson spring strut
Rear suspensionTwist-beam
Brakes f/rDiscs, drums
Tyres165/65 R 14 T
Tank capacity22 liters
Drag coefficient0,325
Basic weight500 kg + driver
Top speedApprox. 160/180/165 km/h
ManufacturedStarting in 2007
CO2-value119/-/111 g/km

The manufacturer has spared neither costs nor efforts for the presentation. At the Motor Show is to see a 500 in giant size and it is difficult to reach the booth, especially because Ferrari resides exactly opposite. Increased the car is on test drive with potential buyers. And if it is there, is it often placed especially visible by the dealers.

The sudden success surprises, because there are all the ingredients for longer time. The Panda with its engines offers also the basis and the design is also known, just have a look at the Trepiu'Uno of 2004 (Figure 4). What however the Fiat company did not expected was the fact, that just exactly 50 years after the presentation of the 500 Nouva the discussion about climate change so increase and would favor the small car.

We are once again about the subject of redesign, to build on traditional predecessors. Perhaps we have here past Mini and New Beetle so far the most successful of this category. Maybe offer Mini and Fiat the better conditions. Take also a look to the dimensions, as the Fiat is grown most of all. Nevertheless, it was possible to let remember the front and side view of the old.

The audience award is certain to him at any rate. In relation to direct competitors, it makes points at the brakes and the safety equipment ESP. Not so good he is on the payload and the not quite balanced chassis. Also one will not really believe the reported engine performance, for example of the most powerful gasoline engine.               Top of page               Index
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