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  Fiat 500

It comes as a dwarf, but there are at the time of its creation 1957 eg with the Goggomobil and Isetta even smaller cars. Its name is actually 'Nuova 500', because his predecessor, the external larger Topolino even Fiat 500 was called. After it follows the Fiat 126, with which it shares up to last in principle the engine. The great advantage of the two-cylinder in the rear is its four-stroke principle with very low fuel consumption, the disadvantage a running behavior similar to a single cylinder. Because the pistons of a two-cylinder four-stroke engine make as opposed to two-strokes always the same movement. Therefore this model has also the speficic characteristic, that its tuning versions as from Steyr Puch the engine completely rebuild and start with a boxer engine.

For years the Fiat 500 prevails as yardstick in the running costs. It is at this point not to defy. One must up to its starting behavior at low temperatures but grant it a certain reliability. On power-weight ratio you may read the possible, rapid acceleration. What the technical data do not show is the uniqueness with which you can go in curves with the Cinquecento. One has the feeling of sitting on the rear axle and able to turn at right angle. But the slightly rear-heavy vehicle is really not ill-natured. Many tuners, giving the car a much more powerful engine achieve in this almost unrivaled curb weight sports successes also in comparison to much higher-powered cars.

The design aim of the 'New' can be as successor to the Topolino explained quite well. This was indeed larger, but could carry only two people in the normal version. Its construction dates from the period just before the Second World War. Now the supply is at risk. Steel is rationed in whole Europe. Nevertheless the transportation problems have become larger. Therefore a design develops with a compromise between maximum interior space and the lowest possible metallic bodyshell.

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