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1975 Fiat 242

The vehicle was a joint development between Fiat and Citroën at Società Europea Veicoli Leggeri Sevel in Italy. It was not sold in Italy as Citroën C35 and not in France as Fiat 242. Citroën would have had a hard time gaining a foothold in the fairly encapsulated van market in Italy anyway.

The signature of the French was not only evident in the one-armed steering wheel, which incidentally was often exposed to violent vibrations in the diesel engine. Thanks to its particularly low loading floor, the front-wheel drive not only offered advantages for loading management. It could be ordered as a station wagon, chassis, pick-up and box cart, the latter two also with a diesel engine.

It was available with a payload of 1.5 and 1.8 tons. We have focused on the latter here. With a standing height of 1.82 m, the car was very suitable for conversion into a camping car, even without a lifting roof. However, the side sliding door had to be ordered separately.

So the camping tradition of the 238 was taken up and transferred to the interior, which is larger by almost half. Yes, it was a long way from the 600D Multipla to the Ducato that came out in 1982. The 242 received the 2.5L diesel in 1980 and a facelift in 1984. The production ended in 1987.

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