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1899 Fiat 3 1/2 HP

The first carriage was intended for four people who sit opposite each other. The driver and front passenger had to look over those in front. But they got less wet because they were protected a little by a folding top. Of course, this did not apply to those sitting in front.

The little vehicle had beautiful wooden rims with pneumatic tires. Its rear engine was comparatively small at 600 cm3 distributed over two cylinders. It had an output of 2.5 kW (3.5 hp) and was water-cooled. From the three-speed transmission it went to the rear wheels via a chain. There was no reverse gear.

The car is the further development of the small car designed by Aristide Faccioli for the Ceirano company, which Fiat took over together with the company. A total of 23 vehicles are said to have been built in the years 1899 and 1900, the latter with 837 cm3 and more performance. The Italians claim only two survived, the British say 4.

As early as 1901, the engine at Fiat moved to the front, had four cylinders now with an additionally enlarged individual cubic capacity. Shortly thereafter, the honeycomb replaced the tube cooler. The top speed doubled, and the number of units increased significantly from 1902.

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