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1903 Fiat 16/20 HP

The body of the two-seater in the picture above came from Alessio di Torino. The Type 16/20 was given a larger wheelbase in the almost four years of its production. In the last two years, displacement had increased slightly to 4,503 cm3 (105 mm * 130 mm) and the power to 16.2 kW (22 hp). However, the engine speed was maintained.

Instead of the types 8 HP and 12 HP 1020, 1903 100 16 HP and 34 24 HP type cars were manufactured and sold. A first brochure was printed, in 1904 even for the vehicles exported to the USA. In this then the racing successes were meticulously recorded.

A brand new factory with a lot of light, even through skylights, could be seen on an area of 10,000 m2. The machine hall alone needed almost a third of this. Often the same basic model was shown with many body variants.

In addition to New York, there have already been agencies in Paris, London, Lisbon, Bucharest and Brussels. A summary of the technical data was not yet available, but a side view and top view of the larger model as a drawing without body and a suitable perspective illustration.

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