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Fiat 1500S OSCA

This Fiat convertible exists since 1957, but only from 1959 a really sporty car. Thanks to the three Maserati brothers with their Officine Spezializzate Construzioni A utomobili company. They had a race engine in the program, throttled down by Fiat to a little bit more than half its power for reasons of durability and suitability for daily use.

Luckily it retains its essential characteristics. Not many cars drove around 1959 already with an aluminum cylinder head and double overhead camshafts. Even a five-bearing crankshaft was an achievement. Check out for comparison below, the data of the furthermore supplied 1200s convertible.

Unfortunately, these were the only technical modifications. Transmission and suspension remained unchanged in principle, only the earlier in USA usual all-wheel disc brakes were taken over for the European 1500 S. However, the design changed.

You can judge by yourself if you look at the images below of the convertible produced 1957-59. It is a masterpiece of Pininfarina, who was allowed to put the two parts of the name together just at this time. The 1200s have profited from the new design differing only in the chrome air scoop on the hood.

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