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Fiat 130

Completely new and with high efforts this Fiat was developed. In the middle of success, one wanted to gain a foothold finally again in the superclass. The technique was not derived from any other Fiat model, exept the rear suspension. A previous model was not. This was an opportunity and effort at the same time.And all that at a very competitive sales price.

Compact is the Fiat also as a luxury model. Others such as for example the Opel Admiral offered more space. But otherwise the comfort was not neglected. The engine was noticed more by little noise and machinery pulling power than with its peak performance. Beginning it was only with automatic. The safety equipment also was rather equal to the competitors.

The unusual assembling of torsion front suspension and coil sprung rear axle was because the latter was derived from the Dino. The cylinder heads seemed rather to be borrowed from the middle class Fiats, but more from the 128 than 125, because it had double overhead camshafts with crossflow head as the Dino, the constructor was Aurelio Lampredi, a former Ferrari engineer.

No, the sale was not going well. Was it the design of Mario Felice Boano or was the more powerful engine together with better BorgWarner automatic and the dashboard of the coupe implanted too late? The processing quality was considered acceptable. With rust others had to fight, too. Or Fiat could not be solved from its image to be a primary producer of smarter, more cost-effective cars? 07/16