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1902 Fiat 12 HP

Design responsibility has shifted from Aristide Faccioli to Giovanni Enrico and John Henry, completely changing the style of the vehicles. They are now aiming for the upper middle class, quite quickly for a company that has only been in existence for almost 3 years.

Copying seems to be allowed at Agnelli, who is increasingly taking over the management of the company. The transition to honeycombs at the cooling can probably be booked to his account. The much larger engine consisted of two linked in-line two cylinders.

Simultaneously with the sale, Fiat's sole agency in Turin ensured that Fiat took part in racing for the first time. At that time, tuning consisted mainly of increasing the displacement. With the same basic construction, it rose to an enormous 6.4 liters.

For this purpose, the stroke was increased to 120 and the bore to 160 mm, which drove the power to over 22 kW (30 hp). The speed remained at 1200 rpm, which required a different ratio to the top speed of now 90 km/h.

Here one can see already the first indications of rapid a success. And although the wheelbase has been increased to 2.3 m, the weight has been reduced by around half. Obviously, the racing successes contributed greatly to the sales success.

The driver was a certain Vincenzo Lancia, who later appeared as a car manufacturer. Fiat, on the other hand, produced over 100 vehicles as early as 1902. Special bodies such as delivery vans were also common at the time and later serviced by Fiat.

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