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1969 Fiat 128

Fahrzeug: Fa. Zimmermann Geilenkirchen

It is the time head restraints have an additional charge, but all in all the cars are much cheaper. Fiat sells really good in Germany and is in totally European champion. The "128" has probably done its part to this.

One can confidently speak of a forceps delivery, because once before the responsibles at Fiat lacked the courage, to present a front wheel-drive. It was then presented as a Autobianchi. Also one suspects the fear with look at the body, to promote a car possibly too advanced.

So it remains at the conventional notchback solution, with no other major manufacturer introduced the front-wheel drive. More practical hatches are segregated again, for example to Zastava in Yugoslavia. The car looks almost like the larger 124. Who does not know better, could therefore also conventional technology suspect under the metal.

Maybe the Fiat superiors are not so wrong with their caution, still the "128" is required two years further after the presentation of the Ritmo. For its conventional design, it looks not even bad. Shorter than the 1100 it seems to come from another world. However, its air resistance would at least be not lower.

Withal it is lightweight and fleet-footed. Even with 40 kW you have fun of driving. A little higher you must rotate it well, but the short engine has no problems with it. The same in principle is with the then very modern valve train, if there were not some irritating little things. The timing belt is not completely covered and sometimes get slackness one of its from various materials made wheels. Both can lead to cracking or skipping of the belt. After all are then usually only the valves bent, but it's annoying.

At this point we do not deepen the Fiat-rust debate again, this phenomenon is known. Also here is not to talk of the not smooth transmission with its weak synchronization. We are dedicated to the benefits. If you are not just considerably larger than the average Italian, one has a lot of space in this car and can take with spare wheel in front also some baggage rear. And if you look to the year of introduction of this front-wheel drive from Fiat, the other major concerns presented even much later the front drive.

Forming the lower wishbones from just a simple link and stabilizer has not proven itself and has long since disappeared from the market.

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