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1966 Fiat 1100 - Nuova

As 'Nuova 1100' he is originated from the old 1100s and again from Fiat Balilla. It is also constructed, other than in Italy, as Fiat Neckar in Germany, partly recognizable at the one fog light in the middle of the cooler and the two-tone paint. It is one of the most successful Fiat models. Even for it is valid: No revolutionary technology, but good done. This results in reasonable performance with good handling and enough room for passengers and luggage. Just a good all-rounder.

1963 is the last revision of the Fiat 1100, then called 'Europe'. The view on the development of the body revealed that in the finally produced 1100s a substantial part of the technique by the Fiat 124 is anticipated. So there is a very good overview, a good usable trunk and at that time ample equipment. Also this Fiat model shines despite simple suspension with good road holding with an attractive comfort. This can not be said about the rough, not particularly Italian motor. But one thing it has to offer as a Fiat, a lot of car for relatively little money.

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