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2022 Ferrari Puresangue

List temporarily closed after 3,000 orders.

If there were a worthy swan song for the combustion engine, then this Ferrari would certainly be a suitable candidate. We don't want to keep us busy for a longer time with the translation of the name, which means something like 'pure blood' or 'thoroughbred', of course somehow borrowed from equestrian sport.

But what kind of car do we have in front of us here? A roof arch with a height of up to 1,598 mm relaxes over a length of almost five meters, new territory for a company that previously only built two-door sports cars. The segment is changing in such a way that you can't see the SUV character of the cars, for example on photos.

Only 7 cm lower than the Lamborghini Urus.

But if you yourself stand next to the car or a person aside in a photo, then the sheer size becomes evident. And that's how the Ferrari Puresangue is styled, like a sports car that only stands out when it's next to one of the same make. A prominent example would be the Models Y and 3 from Tesla.

Nevertheless, the car is also a hopefully temporary farewell to skilful Italian design, which is probably unique in its restraint and attractiveness at the same time. Although, should one praise or blame such small matrix headlights mounted so low?

And then these doors, despite the double glass without a frame. The rear ones opening forwards while retaining the B-pillar, independently of the front ones. Depending on the pull, an almost hidden switch opens th doors wide or only slightly. Is there a risk of collision with the vehicle or is there an easy way to counteract this?

It is also questionable whether the Puresangue might be the last vehicle to come onto the market with a twelve-cylinder engine. And then also a naturally-aspirated engine with a wonderful sound, but not exaggerated. The same applies to the complex control of the suspension and damping. Extra driven electrical motors allow them to react particularly quickly to occurrences. It is also questionable whether the Puresangue might be the last vehicle to come onto the market with a twelve-cylinder engine.

Nothing is really missing when you look at the transaxle principle with front-mid engine and almost complete weight balance between front and rear, unique only at Ferrari combined with all-wheel drive, weight-saving at the front pretty much directly from the engine. But probably only for the two lowest gears. It's enough, isn't it?

This leads to individual seats in the rear interior, that are hardly inferior to the two in front in terms of perfection. And 473 liters of luggage space should also be enough. It's funny to think that someone could really equip a car for at least €380,000 with a luggage stand and two e-bikes. No, fortunately the new Ferrari has not mutated into a family car.

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