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1987 Ferrari F 40

Such a car it will probably be no more. It still does not have the benefits of the modern age, nor has a catalyst for example. It is the last legacy of Enzo Ferrari and can compete in terms of performance quite even with modern sports cars. Yet it bring back the deficiency of engine power through lightweight. However, one should not compare those days 1100 kg with about 1400 kg of the 458 of today. After all, the F40 lacks the fluids and the driver.

But the veteran is also missing any comfort. To bring down the doors to an incredible weight of 2 kg, the windows are from plexiglas and naturally without any lifting mechanism. Even the interior trim is missing here, including the handle to close. Angry it sounds in contrast to modernity already in idle. Steering and especially the clutch are quite stiff and you have to move the gear lever even by yourself through the open gate change.

No, there will be none compensation while driving. Unless you love the direct driving experience. You rather have your hands full to get the car neatly to move through the curve, with partly breathtaking feelings. A mistake could be fatal. After all, such a car is worth a fortune and wrecked about a third already, which increases the value of the remaining yet, but also the responsibility.

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