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Ferrari 488 Spider

Do you know why, people very often drive an expensive Ferrari with the top down? No, not because they want they want to feel the wind and be nearer to nature, but mainly, to better hear and enjoy the sound of the engine. Indeed, one could also enjoy them directly and more reasonably, through the contact with the interior, after all, the engine is not that far away.

Now, it's a bit difficult with this new 'performance-turbo' because it doesn't rev quite as high and can't awaken an excessive enthusiasm. This is why Ferrari also describes the sound as being 'seductive'. No, the sound of this engine should not be brash. Well, how times have changed …

Of course, the enjoyment is increased, if every time the gas pedal is tapped, the echo can be heard from behind and over the two fins. One can of course, block out the sound in 14 seconds at the push of a button. Then the two overlapping sections of the roof shoot up to the front thus covering the enormous flap and the fins.

There's no window to the engine anymore.

The intake of fresh air and the sound can of course, be individually adjusted, since the glass wind deflector allows three different, electrically adjustable positions. Apparently, also the outside aerodynamics, particularly those concerning the road surface, are unprecedented in this Spider, which influence both the down-thrust and the wind resistance.

A convertible which is derived from a coupé finds itself in a bit of a sticky position. Should it be much heavier than the closed version, then one refers to the possibly inferior performance. If in this case, it is only 50 kg heavier, the manufacturer is criticised for sparing himself the extra costs of the specific requirements concerning the framework of the Spider.

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