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2023 Elaris PiO

If you want to buy it in Germany as a private person, the website shows a price of € 21,900 from the beginning of 2023 plus € 890 transfer costs, € 149 registration costs and € 99 BAFA application, less € 4,500 premium of Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. Makes a total of € 18,538.

But if you click on 'CONTINUE', a price of € 14,720 appears. Supposedly, nursing services, among others, receive a bonus from Elaris in addition to another state bonus. Another problem, there are neither winter nor all- season tires nor rims for mounting a complete set. But the small car convinces almost all along the line.

This includes, for example, driving comfort that is really tolerable for such a short wheelbase, probably due to the unusual weight. When it comes to operating the lights, indicators, windscreen wipers, display and heating/air conditioning, the car does not need to hide behind larger ones.

Only the windows are operated from the doors, but the exterior mirrors are operated from the dashboard. The actuation of the handbrake as a foot pedal is perhaps unusual. Would you have guessed that this vehicle has automatic climate control, albeit with a somewhat noisy fan?

Even the steering wheel still has the usual buttons. There is a 7.8-inch driver display and an 8.3-inch center touchscreen. Below that is a USB port. The car even has fog lights and rear fog light. Actually not absolutely necessary: camera and warning sound to the rear.

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