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The company was created from a manufacturing plant for electronic components (Società Scientifica Radio) of the three brothers, Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Ducati since 1926 close to Bologna. After moving into the new, designed by Bruno Ducati state-of-the-art factory in 1935 the workforce is growing steadily at least about 10.000. After the war and destruction one begins new in 1946 with the construction of bicycle auxiliary engines, very lightweight four-stroke engines according to the construction by Aldo Farineli, described as an engineer, journalist and lawyer.

Cucciolo ('puppy'): 48 cm³, 1 hp at 4800 rpm, 7,8 kg

Successfully reinforced bicycles are in subsequent years successfully on the racetrack, long distance track and motocross. The produced quantity by 1950 reached the 200.000 limit. The first Ducati-exclusive product to the time is driven by a development of the Farinelli engine with 60 cc engine. The factory has been placed directly after the war under state control (IRI), at least until 1948 with Bruno Ducati as managing director. Unfortunately the scooter of 1952 with much stronger engine and automatic transmission is no success.

The years 1953 and 1954 appear later as direction for the company which, with their new manager Giuseppe Montano now only is responsible for motorcycle production and development (Ducati Meccanica Spa) and no longer for the electronics (Ducati Eletronica Spa). In addition, the engineer Fabio Taglioni comes with the drive shaft for the overhead camshaft(s).

Behind this complex technology, one can sense the passion of the two. It is the motor racing, which they dedicate themselves very soon and it will make known the company name around the world. The first product is almost from the stand successful by the victory at Milan-Taranto, Imola and the Giro d'Italia. It has the beautiful sobriquet 'Marianna'. This refers to the Ducati Gran Sport 100 with initially 6.6 kW (9 hp).

The first Grand Prix victory is achieved in 1956 in Sweden, but even with a 125. This allegedly delivers 16,5 kW (22,5 hp) at 14.000 rpm contributing, e.g. also by a modified valve force control, called Desmodromic. In fact this technique originally derived from Paul Daimler, son of the famous inventor and was first used by Mercedes, but will from now on be connected almost inseparable with the name Ducati.               Top of page               Index
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