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2022 Dongfeng Fengon Seres 3

You have to make compromises if you choose this model. There is only one battery size with a capacity that is below the middle one at VW. Contemporaneously, the car is slightly longer than, for example, the ID.3.

Its charging performance cannot be compared to that of the IDs either. With both direct and alternating current approximately the half is roughly correct. You have to be very careful with the light, because there is only halogen in the main headlight and LEDs for all other types of light.

Although it visually drops in the back, the freedom of the head on the back seat seems to be fully adequate, which can't necessarily be said for the knees. The leg rest should also be clarified during a test seat. There are no dimensions yet for the luggage compartment yet, but it seems small for the vehicle length.

At the angle for the adjustment was also saved on the steering wheel, in the height it is completely missing. In turn, the seats are electrically adjustable, as are the mirrors foldable. The dashboard looks solid for the class with its partial leather covering.

Due to the somewhat small center screen, the one behind the steering wheel is almost the same size. Although it is a touchscreen, operation via real push buttons is also possible. There are enough cameras that also allow a 360° all-round view.

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