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Daihatsu - History
1907Three businessmen and two engineers working as teacher found the firm Osaka Hatsudoki Seizo
1908Production of stationary gas engines used to drive (production) machines
1917Ship-steam engine
1919Truck prototype
1920Rail supplies
1922Diesel engine (licensed)
1930Tricycle HA (start of production)
1937Van FA
1946Tricycles (restart after World WarII)
1950V two-cylinder (start of production)
1951Company in 'Daihatsu Kogyo renamed, which contains references to the city of Osaka and the production of engines, Model Bee
1952Tricycle - utility vehicle, new factory in Itami (J)
1957Midget, new factory in Shimonoseki (J)
1960Hijet (four-wheeled truck)
1961Factory Ikeda 2, small bus, car prototype
1962Test track, quick transporter High Line
1963Transporter New Line,
1964Compagno Berlina (limousine)
1965Begin Europe-export, four seats convertible
1966Fellow (360 cm³), class race win
1967Begin of cooperation with Toyota (15%)
1968Toyota as Daihatsu Consorte
1970Fellow Max (Front drive)
1971New Hijet, End Midget
1973Consorte Coupe
1974Charmant, Taft (Wildcat), three-wheels electric scooter
1977Charade (three-cylinder), Max Cuore
1978Charade Car of the year (J)
1980Cuore (D)
1983Charade 2
1985Cuore 2
1986Hijet 3
1987Charade 3
1988Feroza (off-road vehicle)
1990Cuore 3
1991Cuore 3
1995Cuore 4
1997Terios (follower Rocky)
1999Toyota takes majority shareholding, Daihatsu responsible in future for small cars and small SUVs, Cuore 5
2003Cuore 6, Copen
2006Terios 2
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