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2017 Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

This is due to the cult and yet practically conceived. If you put a combi 50 mm higher, call it 'Crossover 'and leave it under the sheet unchanged, then of course without the needed volume of a rear drive you get almost automatically the largest luggage compartment of its class.

The gaps to the wheels that are formed on the cutouts of the mudguards hide more or less fashionable plastic bars. Thus, a vehicle is created for 'occasional trips away from fortified paths'. Advantage: a higher seating position, disadvantage: a likewise higher loading edge.

Of course it does not replace the Duster, which is available with all-wheel drive, but is considered as its smaller brother. As a stepway, it has, of course, a little more chrome inside and even standard (acoustic) parking and hill-start assistance. The wide angle camera in the rear it will probably rather be for extra charge.

Instead of the 1.2-liter entry-level engine, there is now a 1.0-liter three-cylinder. It has, like the next higher no direct injection and in contrast to this also no turbo charging. So, with 6300 rpm it has to work hard for the 54 kW (73 hp). And the torque is also lower, but the engine is about 10 percent more economical.

A look at the optionally available automated manual gearbox . . .