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2014 Duster
2013 Logan MCV
2012 Sandero
2012 Dokker
2010 Duster
2006 Logan MCV
2004 Logan
2003 Solenza
2000 SupeRNova
1979 1310
1976 1304 Pickup
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1968 1100

    Dacia Lodgy

EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine control
Mixture formation
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle
Wheelbase2.810 mm
Turning circle11.100 mm
Wheels185/65 R 15 (6")
Brakes f/rDisk/drums
Length4.498 mm
Width1.751 mm
Height1.714 mm
Tank capacity50 litres
Trunk volume min/max207/2.617 litres
PayloadMore than 600 kg
Kerb weight
Top speed
Year of manufactureFrom 2012
Purchase price
*Seven seater

Low unladen weight

With 10,000 euros it is the cheapest space transporter (Multi Purpose Vehicle) in Germany. It has a smaller brother, the Dokker, is superior in length by 13 centimeters. One might therefore accuse it a slightly greater tendency to distortion and noise of moving parts in the interior. The Euro NCAP test ends with 3 of possible 5 stars. After all, it is the first from a factory in Africa (Morocco) to Europe delivered car of a larger series.

If editorial journalists find nothing to play, that supports intensive looking for disadvantages. The Lodgy, derived from the English country house, doesn't offer any distraction from the driving purpose. Assistance systems one searches in vain, air conditioning can only be ordered with the more expensive packages. The basic model has only to do transport tasks, not so bad that a car puts that again into the foreground.

Third-row seats only from Ambiance equipment package +590 Euro.

About 2,600 liters of luggage space are a lot, even if the second seat must be removed without tools somewhat tricky. Sitting as an adult is possible, even with a hinged window laterally. On the driver's seat the steering wheel is not adjustable, the same as in the 1,000 euros cheaper Dokker. Minimum additional wishes require immediately to purchase the next higher equipment package.

This is also true for a fuel-efficient engine that costs more for gas drive 2,000 euros and diesel engine 2,900 Euro. Qualities in mathematics are required. Or one takes the Stepway version (pictured below), after all, with a reasonable engine, better looking, aluminum wheels, ACC, seats for seven persons, radio and digital connections. However, the price is 14.490 Euro. 08/16