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2017 DS 7 Crossback

New, lighter eight-speed automatic, with which it autonomously parks, classless night vision equipment behind the logo in front or rear edge good and nice, but we should talk about other values of this vehicle.

Because it carries the fur inside. Of course not really a fur, but a whole lot of fine ingredients, supposedly borrowed from the world of fashion, cosmetics and art. These influences are called new 'codes' or perhaps even intelligible inspiration through Paris.

There opens a fairly wide field. Perhaps the term 'haute couture' fits best for the interior. But one also refers to the opera and Rivoli, meaning probably the street still famous for its architectural monuments. All this adds up to a know-how that is also attributed to the French capital.

As far as the endeavored background. In any case, craftsmanship makes visible bonds with the art of jewelers and watchmakers. The range of the latter is e.g. borrowed from the watch strap design of the seat surfaces. Not so successful: the free-floating display in the middle of the dashboard: But overall the interior makes a tidy and high-quality impression.

Everywhere, even during the presentation, the many small points of light appear. They point to the little polished glass elements, e.g. mounted in switching elements, but also in the rear and even rotatable in the front light units. From the leather of the seats, there will probably soon also be made shoes to buy. This is similar to a Maserati or Porsche Store, just cheaper and yet lucrative for PSA. 03/17

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