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1959 DKW Junior

It is introduced in 1959, presenting a new style. So much for the stream lined car body. Rear wings and other reminiscences of American design are hot. The car becomes more clearly arranged, and there is a new chassis, too. There are no transversal leaf springs any more; torsion bars are substantially more space-saving.

A completely reasonable car; of course, it competes against the VW Beetle of that time, featuring on the one hand a lower weight and 3.5 kW (5 HP) more power, on the other hand the typical disadvantages of its two- stroke engine. The engineers are committed to the principle because of its long tradition. It is the first vehicle which is built in the new factory in Ingolstadt, as later on all vehicles of the same brand. Also, the car is named again 'DKW' and not 'Auto Union'.

It is wise to plan on a large scale. DKW never again reached its large sales figures. Nevertheless, the new factory has been worthwhile. It is the first stage of development for today's Audi manufacturing.

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