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History - DKW 9

Still at times of Audi and DKW Rasmussen makes a gift to the future group, the Front drive 1. In principle, this type of drive for cars is long been invented, but none has been put it on the market in the larger industrial scale. Rasmussen manages the feat, and that without having to take licenses. The two-stroke engine has been abandoned with DKW, but the front-wheel drive survived with the successor Audi until the present time.

Strangely enough, immediately afterwards many manufacturers leave the starting blocks with this technology, but Rasmussen has once again proven the right sense and implemented. He remains connected to the new group up to a dismissal without notice end of 1934. So he shortly experienced the beginnings of the period of flowering time of the group under the new car policy of the Nazis and the construction aids of Ferdinand Porsche to extraordinary gains in racing sport.

Under pressure from the Nazi government to him will awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Dresden in 1942 and of course there were already beforehand several distinctions, such as the University of Mittweida, the city Zschopau and also towards the end the accolade in his home country Denmark. Zschopau has to thank him not only an industrial boom but also whole districts through its housing construction.

Nevertheless, he moved to the celebration of his 60th birthday in a villa in Potsdam. He fled to Flensburg shortly before the war ended in 1945. Shortly before the war he lost his daughter Ilse and in the last months of the war his son Hans. He stays with his wife under adverse conditions on the German side of the border and can not to Copenhagen up to 1948. Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen died in 1964. 06/12