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History - DKW 6

Presumably, the conversion of Zschopauer Motorenwerke in a public company is the beginning of the formation of the group. Sun approximately for each of the following ten years be added a company. Worth mentioning is a factory Frankenberg, the motorcycle equipment manufactures, because emerge from it the Frankenberger Motorenwerke, a major manufacturers of transportation vehicles also in GDR times.

Another highlight in terms of vehicle development would be the final takeover of the Slaby-Beringer-Automobile in 1924, because this company will become the manufacturer of the first DKW P15. However, the acquisition of companies is otherwise obviously not always justified by the closing of gaps in production. Rasmussen is not just a meticulous accountant.

Perhaps in the accumulation of debts lies already the origin of the later years of legal dispute with the Auto-Union. In this case strange things happen. Sell but first DKW refrigerators even better than bikes or its engines. At least for the latter is created the most important dealer network and the sales of vehicles is protected by import tariffs until 1925.

Also interesting are certain methods how will be advertised for the DKW motorcycles. There drive around a large 'Touring car' as a mini-branch, in one room, one or two motorcycles to touch, in the other an small office for signing. The local merchants have probably not so liked this method, although them thereby more customers are supplied.

Until 1929 about 300,000 DKW motorcycles are produced and sold in 1928 60,000 of them, 1929 65,000. Thus, DKW is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world at that time. You may not compare it with today's time, where Honda has sold more than 11 million motorbikes 2011. By the way the title goes to NSU with about 300,000 motorcycles sold in 1955.

There the first Reichsfahrtmodell Zschopau in Sachsen also, the is still being developed 1923 including a racing version. There is also the 'chair bicycle', first called 'Golem', later 'Lomo', which is further developed to the 4-HP transport vehicle with 90 * 125 cm cargo area and 125 kg payload in 1925. Still, the advertising leaflet lists 25 commercial domains for which could be interesting this vehicle.

Then there is the Zschopauer light motorcycle with 170 cc, 1.8 kW (2.5 HP) and 45 kg of weight, nevertheless 65 km/h fast. This develops further to model E 206 in 1926, indicating already the 6 cc too much at displacement, about the the engine (E 200) is reduced again 1928, so that it fits into the newly introduced tax exemption. 3 kW (4 HP) bring the nearly 80 kg motorcycle now at 70 km/h. 06/12