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History - DKW 2

It has brought him to Saxons, and that he will not leave for the next 40 years. However, this area he will change in his mind. But not yet, at the beginning because absence of study enthusiasm he has to change the school after two years. A real university are not yet both colleges for engineers, for this sector is too new in Germany.

The entry requirements are correspondingly low what increased the inflow of potential "students". He is now on the Engineering School of Zwickau, which is even younger than those in Mittweida. After another two years, he passes his Engineering Examination in 1902. After an outbreak for a job in West Germany, he finally returns to Saxony, perhaps because of love.

He met his future wife and married her in 1904 and with her he will have four children. Rasmussen is not engaged in vehicle construction still for many years but well in the necessary company foundation. Together with businessman Carl Ernst he founds the, however, the partner appears only in the name and otherwise has little influence.

Whereof the company lives in the beginnings is not easy to explain. Invented, built and distributed accessories which ensures the operation and perhaps also the safety of steam engines. These are omnipresent in those days and a push for the enormous economic development in Germany at that time. As long as the combustion engine do not gain ground even smaller craft firms often need such machines.

In any case striking is the enormous number of utility models, such a thing as cheap patents, which however allow well conclusions about Rasmussen's talent as an engineer. After all, utility models are checked also for their suitability and approved until then. And as he is even his own sales agent, you have to pay respect to the success of the company.

Rasmussen & Ernst, the company is called and it is unusual that the name will be retained for a long time although the business partner separate in 1904, but not just to satisfaction of both. Not always visible from the outside, rather hazy conditions will remain the hallmark of Rasmussen's business policy. 06/12