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DKW F4 Meisterklasse

EngineIn-line two-cylinder, two-stroke
Displacement692 cm³
Bore * stroke76 * 76 mm
Compression5,7 : 1
Torque57 Nm at 2.300 rpm
Power15 kW (20 HP) at 3.500 rpm
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
ClutchMulti-disc, wet
Primary driveTeeth wheels
TransmissionThree-speed, not synchronized
Sekundary driveTracta artikulated joints, inside rag joints
Wheelbase2.610 mm
Suspension f/rEach 2 transversal leaf springs
BrakesDrums, cables
Length3.895 mm
Width1.465 mm
Height1.500 mm
BodyMetal chassis with wooden frame
Tank capacity28 liter
Kerb weight750 kg + driver
Maximum speedca. 85 km/h
Electric systemGenerator and starter in one housing
Baujahre1935/36               Top of page               Index
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