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2020 Cupra Formentor

A four cylinder with four tailpipes is a show-off, or?

We start this time with the pictures of the luggage compartment, because through the windscreen at the very back you can see the 22-metre-high lighthouse on the cliffs of Cap Formentor, the end of the peninsula with the same name in Mallorca. On the next pictures you will see even more of the peninsula itself.

It is the first autonomous model of the new manufacturer. Of course, it is also based on the MQB group construction kit. It would most likely be comparable with the Skoda Karoq. In terms of length, the VW Tiguan might still be a possibility, but it seems much taller due to its height. The Formentor is even almost 8 centimetres lower than the Karoq.

Gradually there should be the whole range that the MQB has to offer. This would include the two plug-in hybrids that you can download here. At the first presentation they present only the most expensive, strongest, in other models of the group marked with the letter 'R'.

The design integrates many things almost to the pain threshold. These small round, obviously fog lights, very skilfully, the company logo in the grill or even the radar sensor in the bottom middle. If you used to look for continuous lines more often, you won't find them here. Harmless still at the two middle beadings on the bonnet, much more violent at the two side lines in front and back.

Copper brown is the cupra colour. It appears again and again in the signet on the front, rear and inside of the steering wheel, on the decorative seams and air vents and, for more than 2,500 € extra, on rims and 18-inch Brembo brakes. For 1,300 € there is an openable panoramic roof with protective roller blind available. Very nice but not quite cheap at over 2,000 €: Petrol Blue Matt and Magnetic Grey Matt.

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