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1961 Citroën DS 19 Cabrio

This is not a car, but an artwork

The basic substance of the DS was extremely suitable for a convertible. It was an extravagant car with enough length, frameless doors, semi-automatic transmission and, from 1961, an even more futuristic dashboard. In any case, only a plastic roof supported the body, which was basically still designed according to the principle of frame and structure. So you didn't have to reinforce that much if you left the roof out.

Open Citroëns had become rare and the one shown above was obviously only built through the involvement of coachbuilder Henry Chapron. Like numerous other coupe and convertible variants, it was a special development.

In addition to this, there were also factory convertibles, in which it was also involved. These were cheaper, but still miles away from the sedan. So both convertible projects ultimately died due to lack of sales success.

Can also light up around curves

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