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  Citroën Campster

More compactness seems to be not possible. A car with only 5-meter length, which also fits into a normal garage, accommodates up to four people. Of course, compromises are necessary, but intelligence is in demand. In this case the Pössl company, which until now supplied considerably larger models based on Citroën or Ducato (video below).

Behind the pivotable front seats a longitudinally adjustable rear bench. If it is put all the way back, and the access to the cabinet is completely free, where the table between the two rows of seats is fixed. Opposite the removable kitchen block, optionally to replace by an additional three-seat bench.

On top a panoramic elevating roof including area for two beds with openings up front at the sides. Instead of the tailgate even its windows can be opened. What is new is not the keyless entry itself, but the opening of the sliding doors by moving the feet at the respective side under the rear bumper.

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The Campster is identical to the Peugeot Traveller (data above). Both will soon be offered with four-wheel drive. Similar e.g. Oberaigner remodels the Mercedes Sprinter, is that done by Dangel for PSA vehicles, for 7,000 instead of 10,000 euros extra. However, the Campster is significantly smaller and lighter. 08/16

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