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Citroën Berlingo

This is the category of the loadmaster, whose appearance and styling, at least in the first versions, seems to be not so important. Mainly practically, the Berlingo even tops this with its easily dismountable backseat.

1997 Van of the year

Up to 2000 liter capacity are offered, though, in the upper half, barely usable. Additionally, there are added about 170 liters separated storage spaces, so much that the foot space in front of the passenger seat already is a little is narrow. Possible problems with the recovery may occur.

Of course, the driver's seat can not be raised so much, as the roof would allow. However, the seating position better than in a sedan. However, the view to the rear side is limited by a wide B-pillar.

Just as the appearance, the processing quality seems to be of secondary importance. But an advantage is that e.g. the rest of the front passenger seat can be folded down and thus the vehicle suitable for transporting longer goods.

Common rail diesel engines were introduced in the series from 1999, four-valve engine with turbo from 2005 onwards, all-wheel drive, for petrol only with the 1,8i engine from 1997. Below you see the E-version from 1997 with 15.5 kW, 95 km/h fast and up to 95 km range.

The two images and the subsequent video indicate a particularly successful promotional coup, in which babies in crawling stage introduce the achievements of the Berlingo as a family car. 08/16

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