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2020 Citroën Ami

Don't laugh, because you might regret it. IBM boss Thomas J. Watson is said to have predicted in 1943 that there would only be a need for five computers in the world. He wasn't referring to PCs, of course, but to large systems. So before you don't give this car the slightest chance, you should first read this report.

'Ami' is in French language a friend.

The only thing you can really blame the Citroën Ami for is its top speed of only 45 km/h. Such restrictions are not used arbitrarily. We suspect a connection with the NCAP tests that are carried out for light vehicles at 50 km/h.

To put it heretically: You can experience the entry into electric mobility in an Audi etron for € 849 a month or in the Citroën Ami for € 19.99. This is what the manufacturer promises, as is the price per minute of € 0.26 and the purchase price of € 6,000. This is however still oriented towards France with the bonus system there.

This vehicle will therefore be available for sale as well as for car sharing in certain areas. The battery has a capacity of 5.5 kWh with a weight of only 60 kg and the range is stated as 70 km without WLTP supplement. But please consider that at a power source with 16 ampere 3.68 kW would be possible, which would then, with this calculation, allow for another 50 km after one hour.

We don't necessarily have to worry about the drive at this meagre top speed. But much more interesting is the outer skin of the new Ami. You may be surprised that the doors open in opposite directions. The reason for this is that the lower skin basically consists of only three parts, whereby the front and rear, the doors and the remaining side parts are absolutely identical.

The charging cable is hidden behind the right door.

Presumably it will be available in grey and as cheaply as possible for car sharing, while the car as property can also be made very attractive in terms of colour and with additional parts. Nicolas Hayek once had something like this in mind for the Smart, but Mercedes has rationalised the idea away. Few parts to replace and you have a completely different car.

No, we're not done yet, because there are other advantages. One is the age at which you are allowed to drive the car, perhaps also a reason for the speed limit. That is the age of 14 in France and 16 in Germany. Can you imagine the discussions in somewhat more affluent homes and the prospect of not always having to bring and fetch the young people?

After all, a closed cabin offers more safety, especially in the city, than if someone is sitting on a two-wheeler, an argument that is probably winning over more and more supporters. And then the weather protection. Apart from the fact that perhaps many parents have always liked to look for a vehicle for their pets that is very limited in maximum speed.

The hinged windows are reminiscent of the 2CV.

City characteristics in view of the small turning circle. Even the smallest parking spaces can be used and turning around in one go. And who knows what else autonomous driving will do to this car? Are you still sure this vehicle won't be successful? Or is it perhaps the answer if a manufacturer knows that there will always be individual transport, but not whether it is owned or borrowed? PSA after a while knows.

Addendum to the speed limit

You must not take the 45 km/h too seriously. There are possibilities for tolerance due to tyre wear and air pressure of 1 to 3 percent. Besides, such limits are always a bit higher. Trucks can, for example, run up to 89 km/h instead of 80 km/h despite electronic limits. In following cars, all times at a little higher speed running speedometers could show 50 km/h and more.

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