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Citroën - History 4


Citroën will be converted into joint-stock company 'Anonymous André Citroën'. However, André Citroën himself keeps 80 percent of theshareholder value. Debt capital is necessary mainly due to the doubling of the production numbers to approximately 55,000. The export also achieved with 17,000 a considerable value. The first training area will be set up primarily for distribution, but also at least partially for technicians. Sales organizations arise in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Italy.

Monotony of work and wrong distribution of profits

An indicator that the decisive steps in the direction of the assembly line are performed not until 1923 is even the strike at the beginning of the year 1924. The criticizes exactly the new working conditions especially the situation that with less (hand) work will be created more production value, but the workers will benefit nothing.

If you want to know more about the difficult conditions also from the perspective of the workers, click here. First steel car bodies (B 10) in Europe without a wooden frame floor, made after the patents of Budd (USA). A four-door, closed on the bodywork will be still possible on the still existing frame. As previously a wooden frame was clothed with metal, large presses are now necessary. They give a flat plate with very high pressures so much structure that it develops a degree of inherent stability.

In Spain, created a sales organization the, because of the special legislative there with high tariffs on finished products even manufactures car bodies. With eight vehicles Africa is crossed from north to south.


Far more than 61,000 units produced. B 2 is removed from the program. Meanwhile, the company owns both the most modernfoundry and the most modern forge in Europe. The B 12 is an evolution of the B 10 from previous year. It avoids its stability problems and as the first Citroen it has even brakes in front.

280,000 light bulbs - from all four sides the word "Citroën" at the Eiffel Tower. With this spectacular way will be made advertising for the company until 1934. There are already 5,000 dealer.


The zenith appears to be exceeded. For the first time the production rate decreased slightly to just over 50,000 units. Not only distributioneverywhere, but also assembly plants in Algeria, Milan, Britain and Poland.


The production can be increased again by 50 percent to 76,000 vehicles. Meanwhile, one uses indeed entirely American-inspired production methods. But the difference with America is still enormous, considering the maximum daily production reached 500 compared to 9000. In U.S. are necessary 70 worker* days for the production of a car, in France 300 and this at a much lower equipment volume. 1927 is the year of the second general strike, the incidentally, only concerns Citroën and for example not Renault. One reason for the strike is to introduce a performance-based wage.

Connection with the bank 'Lazard Frères', the capital stock increases, but even the voice others in the supervisory board.

Additional assembly plants in Germany (Cologne) and Portugal.

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