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Citroën - History 3


Light-duty truck, derived of type A. Citroën wins a contest for the best fuel efficiency at Le Mans. About 12,000 vehicles are produced, compared to only 2810 in 1919. Start-up difficulties of the new factory, one makes responsible for this relatively small number.


André Citroën introduces the only slightly differing model B, which soon replaced the model A. A total of about 11,000 vehicles are produced, approx. 3,000 of them are exported. He offers rental vehicles and leasing vehicles and donates for France 165,000 traffic signals with the Citroën emblem.


The one-model policy will be abandoned here. It will also appear the Model C, which, in addition to its yellow color with only two seats. Later still in addition rear there is one more. It is powered by a 850 cc small four- cylinder with 8 kW (11 hp). It develops as the first women car. This car will be actually copied from Opel, but in green, whereby it receives the nickname 'Tree Frog' but will help not to lose the process. The annual production will rise to double, more than Renault and Peugeot together. Citroën provides a financing to purchase a car.

As part of the Citroën advertising strategy are still known the long-distance adventures of the company. The vehicles equipped with chains for the drive axle of the constructor Adolphe Kégresse, the first has developed all- terrain vehicles for the Tsar of Russia, originate on the basis of the B2. In 1922, the Sahara is crossed with such a vehicle. It should be noted, that Africa is due to the colonial situation and the ties to France an important sales region.


'Citroën Cars Limited' as a distribution center opened in London.

Production can be increased again by 50 percent. Little Citroën for the children of customers, fixed repair prices.

By no means there is agreement about if and when at Citroën will be really worked continuously on the assembly line. Even at Ford in U.S.this is not completely succeeded within a year. Initially, there one had even forgotten the reserve pool employees. Many other setbacks should be corrected. André Citroën for example assume he needs for the few steps per worker only still semi-skilled workers. But this is still really difficult with the usual constructions made of wood. That only disappears slowly in the field of Citroën production from 1924. In any case, the company even mentioned only this year the assembly line for the first time.

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